Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board

अम्बितमे नदीतमे देवितमे सरस्वति



Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board was constituted by the Government of Haryana vide Notification No.1/13/2015-IPP dated 12.10.2015 for Rejuvenation of River Sarasvati and highlighting the Indian Cultural Heritage before the whole world. Sarasvati River rejuvenation is matter of National Pride related with our rich Cultural, Spiritual and Archaeological Heritage. World oldest literature called Rigveda and other Vedic literature were created on the bank of this River, which placed India in the position of 'Vishwaguru'.It reflects the continuity of great Indian value system and glorious past of Sarasvati Sindu civilization to the present age.
































Haryana Sarasvati Heritage Development Board
SCO-217, Sector -14, Panchkula -134113

Telephone : 0172 - 2585551

           According to Geological and Glaciological studies, the Sarasvati originated in the Bandarpunch Massif, from the Sarasvati-Rupin Glacier confluence at Naintwar in western Garhwal. Vedic River Sarasvati leaves the Shivalik Mountains and enters the plains at Adi Badri. The old course of river Yamuna, Markanda (tributaries of Sarasvati) diverted east wards due to a tectonic event of 3rd millennium BCE or earlier which caused a break in Shivalik ranges

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More than 70 organizations like ISRO, GSI, SOI, ASI, ONGC, NIH Roorkee, BARC, Sarasvati Nadi Shod Sansthan etc. are working in the research work of Sarasvati River Heritage. Based on research, documents, reports, and scientific facts and evidences from above organization, it has been proved that the Palaeochannels of the Sarasvati River are still existing from Adi Badri (Haryana) to Rann of Kachch (Gujarat). Restoration of invaluable Sarasvati heritage, cultural values and advanced ancient civilization shall place India in a unique position in the world.